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Riding Jean Promotion
A short video featuring a visual play on the words 'Built For Every Seat'. We captured 18 bikes (video features 17) at a local dealership, then brought back the footage where I spent time, frame by frame, adjusting masks in After Effects. I know it's short and sweat, but I'm happy with it nonetheless. :)
ADV Product Videos
The Adventure Touring/ Street product line started the year featuring a new opening and closing logo and title sequence. Each video portrayed a HUD style pin-point motion graphic effect with typography to help tell the technical story of each piece. I was able to capture a lot of the footage for each product video with the use of a DSLR. Some footage was captured by Dave, our traveling Communication Coordinator. Editing took place via Adobe Premiere. AfterEffects was used for graphic overlays and 3D objects using the plugin Trapcode Form. D3O was kind enough to provide OBJ files to present their protective armor in a holographic manner.
XC Product Video
This product video is among the largest collaborations pieced together at KLIM. While I did play cinematographer for Eric Yorba in Cedar City, Utah and Kelly Canyon, Idaho… my main role was as director and editor. Jayson Plummer played a huge role writing script and performing on-cam voice overs, recorded by Richard Salazar in So. California. Dave, our communication co-ordinator, managed a video shoot with Max Gerston; captured by Drew Ruiz in Sacramento. And Scott, creative director, captured quad-copter footage in Idaho. My favorite aspect to this whole project was working the Sony FS700 and 70-200mm lens!
Stylized Product Videos
Our previous product video style, as exciting and impressive as it were, it also drained on time and resources. The need to scale back on production yet retain the same high-end perception called for us to reimagine what our product videos might look like. The following feature in-house studio space with consistent lighting, unobtrusive background soundscape and simplified motion graphics.
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